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Superbowl Misogyny

Monday, February 08, 2010
Wow. I mean, wow. I haven't watched a Superbowl in years, but I don't recall the ads being so systematically anti-feminist. Girls in bikinis, sure, but this was a little over the top. It was all "be a man, don't let her tell you what to do!" Maybe I'm just more sensitized about feminism now due to BH's influence, but if that's so then my previous attitudes were much more appalling than I thought.

Am I overreacting to the Superbowl ads this year or where they really this egregious? Are they always like this, or was this year particularly offensive? Did any of you have the same impression?
Posted by Arbitrista @ 10:52 AM
  • That is very interesting. I have to say I honestly did not pay that much attention to them because I thought for the most part they were abysmal and not entertaining in the least bit, but I think the very pro-male "we're going to do things our way because we're men and no one can tell us otherwise" is decidedly very anti-feminist. On the flip side, I thought those commercials for the most part painted all men as big stupid bumbling idiots who want nothing more than to walk around in their underwear and drink beer, which while it doesn't paint a very nice picture of men, is still very misogynist because these men represent the very image of anti-feminism. And the men I was watching the game with found the commercials annoying, but I'm not exactly sure any of them were thinking about feminism. I found the Danika Patrick ones annoying which seriously just should have been an advertisement for girl on girl porn because that's all the ads were suggesting. And I can't explain it, but I found this ad unsettling the most: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLJuoi2OeWA

    The commercials, too, were on the whole very very white, which isn't surprising either.

    Just my two cents. :) As someone who hails from NO though, Geaux Saints!

    By Blogger Maude Lebowski, at 1:19 PM  
  • I'm with you, they were over the top with the misogyny. Overall, they were very unimpressive.

    By Blogger RageyOne, at 3:42 PM  
  • This one horrifies me.


    By Blogger Anastasia, at 12:18 PM  
  • Anastasia, I agree.

    By Blogger Maude Lebowski, at 12:55 PM  
  • I can't believe I missed this - I assume you heard the hullabaloo that they wouldn't air the mancrush.com commercial that features two gay men kissing?

    By Blogger Silk Stocking, at 5:49 PM  
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