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Friday, March 26, 2010
So I've had a few people mention that they're surprised I haven't blogged about health care yet. The truth is I've been a bit distracted, and it's pretty hard for me to get too excited about this thing. Most liberals are convinced that this is the first step to a comprehensive reform of the system - that over time we'll get something closer to de facto single payer. That's certainly possible, but I retain my concerns that 1) the subsidies will be inadequate, and almost certainly will be slashed by Republicans, and 2) from now on every thing wrong with health care will be blamed on the D's. And by the way, I'm not in the "Oh, this proves Obama is a genius after all" camp. I thing he snatched a half-loaf from the oven just as it was starting to burn. His political strategy was bungled from the beginning, and I don't see much evidence that he's done anything to halt the trend towards corporatism. And I'm disgusted with the continuing drift of public policy in the anti-choice direction. But we shall see.

Having said that, it's hard for me to care at the moment. In about half an hour I'll be leaving for Spain, where I've wanted to go since I was fifteen. It's hard to express how emotional I am at the prospect. I've dreamed pf walking the streets of Seville and breathing the same air as Ferdinand and Isabella. And now I will.
Posted by Arbitrista @ 7:13 AM
  • Hope you and BH have a fabulous time!

    I agree about Obama. In fact, I was kind of disgusted by the whole BFD thing, because it could've been so much more with a little arm twisting. NOW they're saying he won't be helping those who voted No. Well, he already endorsed Blanche Lincoln without making her vote right.

    Also, I've recently read that what we finally got was closer to a program Nixon had approved and one that Dole had put forward as an alternative to the Clintons. In essence, we got a bill Republicans would've been happy with if their party had not been hijacked by wingnuts.

    So the worst of insurance company abuses are finally banned...tho way too much of this bill won't go into effect for way too long. Yet, strangely enough, I've gotten caught up in a bit of the optimism. But I think it's because there is now a glimmer of signs that the Dems may have finally started to understand how to play hardball. But we'll see.

    By Blogger Rebecca, at 12:29 PM  
  • I hope you and BH have a great time!!

    By Blogger Seeking Solace, at 5:35 PM  
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