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Monday, August 23, 2010
I was burned out on politics after 2008. I had invested so much emotional energy into ending the Bush era that I longed for a quieter period of competent stewardship. I expected Obama to give me that, and in my fairer moments I suspect that he has done his best to do so. For a year and a half public affairs have been in the corner of my eye - I was aware of what was happening, but not really engaged in it. I carped at the pusillanimity of the Democratic Party, I made snide remarks about one false political move after another, I grunted at the developing corruption of our public dialogue, and I watched warily the evolving madness of the Teabaggers. I'm a student of history, and most especially of the making and breaking of republics. I know what counter-revolutionaries look like.

I'd kept away from the debate over the so-called "ground zero mosque." I thought it absurd, fundamentally hostile to our political traditions and our national interest. Build it, I say, and you silence our critics and reaffirm what is best about us. Who could be so stupid to oppose it, who so irresponsible as to fan the flames of religious discord? Well now I know.

I think it's time to set aside my weariness, my disgust with my own purported leaders, and my any other stupid meaningless crap. First the Arizona law, and now this. They've gone entirely too far.
Posted by Arbitrista @ 6:39 PM
  • It's possible that Obama has done his best, done what he's thought was right. But, imo, he has been a complete fuck up.

    He squandered every bit of the political capital he went into office with. One of his 1st major moves after being sworn in was to cut a secret deal with Big Pharma behind our backs. This from the candidate running on transparency.

    He's has reneged on every single campaign promise, and while I can't honestly say he's accomplished nothing, it's certainly less than what any random Democrat could have under the same circumstances.

    Basically, this Chicago politician doesn't have the balls for a fight even when it's in the best interests of the people he is supposed to be working for. And the direct result of his lack of action is a corresponding lack of enthusiasm in the Democratic base. If the Republicans hadn't spent the past couple of years shooting themselves in the feet, we would be facing massive losses in the mid-term elections.

    I donated to and volunteered for this man. Like so many others who did the same, I harbor a massive sense of betrayal. What he's done is almost the polar opposite of what he promised to do. For quite some time now, I've considered him despicable. I wish we had someone to primary him with, because he deserves it.

    History will - appropriately - not be kind to Dubya, but I'm willing to bet that Obama's legacy will be one of a great campaigner who turned out to be an abysmal leader.

    By Blogger Rebecca, at 8:18 PM  
  • Re: ICC issue. Every reactionary ignoramus who denounces it feeds the extremists. Of all flavors.

    By Blogger Belle, at 7:49 PM  
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