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A Very Quick Note While I Take A Work Break

Monday, August 23, 2010
Hi everybody. I'm clearly a very bad blogger, but unlike my better half I don't have any immediate plans to retire my blog. Lately we've been rushing around getting ready for our move. The last time we moved to another state we were living in a one-bedroom apartment, and now we're in a 3-bedroom house, so you can imagine how much more stuff we have. Next time I'm definitely going to look into having the moving company pack for me!

Do you know how when you've given your notice at a job things gradually tail off so that you're sitting around with nothing to do? Well I don't. If anything my workload has gotten heavier, which on top of the move and looking for a job has made my life crazy busy.

I should really get back to working on this paper, but let me leave you with this link, which I think highlights very accurately the problems with an anti-gay marriage position (here).
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