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Monday, September 27, 2010
As promised, my long-awaited change of subject:

We recently moved to another state. The process was a bit staggered, as first BH and then I had to go back and forth, but now we are both here and beginning the long and decidedly strange process of "settling in." The evolution of a house that one is living in into a home is a pretty strange one. The feeling of being "at home" is amorphous, but there are some sure signs that one has arrived. When one wakes up in the morning and knows where one is is one sign. Others include: being able to open the correct kitchen cabinet the first time, knowing where the light switches are, to be able to get around in the dark (or half-light). Remembering where to put your shoes or your keys or your wallet when you get home in another good one. These are tiny but profoundly important things that amount to "comfort." I'm not there yet, of course. I still have something of that spacey feeling you get when you're in someone else's house all alone. But I'm getting there.
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