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Wednesday, December 01, 2010
I am exceptionally busy these days. I'm writing a novel (with ideas for several more), engaged in several academic projects (both in political science and philosophy), continuing my involvement in politics, and developing my expertise in and understanding of my current professional field. I'm happy to be as intellectually and creatively productive as I am, but I have to say I find myself continually surprised at the direction my life has taken. I never thought of myself as a scholar. I never once made an explicit decision to become an analytical philosopher or a policy analyst. I always thought I was a politician, first and foremost. Now it may be that my frustrations in politics, and my choice to abandon the pursuit of elective office, made it inevitable that my life would take a different course than the one I'd intended. But if you'd asked me ten years ago to predict what my life would look like now, the only thing I would have gotten right was that I would be happily married to Dr. Brazen Hussy.

Maybe that provides the clue. You can't be with a person as interesting as she is and not be changed by it. I've grown up, certainly, but I also think I've grown out - physically and emotionally. For the first time in my life I'm taking some pleasure in the day to day, which I was never any good at before. I eat good food and drink good booze, I travel, but I also do more than just talk all the time (which I still do, just ask BH!) - I'm finally acting on some of those intentions I'd always had.

So I guess I should let this blog follow it's natural evolution and thank my wonderful wife for helping me learn how to live. I don't think I ever would have learned that on my own.
Posted by Arbitrista @ 2:50 PM
  • It's so nice to read your comments on your marriage. And to see that others are as surprised to find themselves in situations they'd never have predicted.

    By Blogger Belle, at 5:37 PM  
  • Awwww... How cute :)

    By Blogger Super Babe, at 12:52 PM  
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