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Monday, June 20, 2011
BH is off doing a month-long stint in the field in a faraway western state. Last Thursday and Friday I helped her drive out there. She did most of the driving, but I spotted her when she needed to break - she drives much faster than me! We arrived earlier than we'd originally anticipated and looked forward to a nice relaxing day. After sleeping in we had a pleasant brunch, then went to meet up with her research partner. He suggested that we take a short hike to go see a waterfall that turned into an exhausting 4 hour march up the mountain. The waterfall was pretty, but I was reminded of exactly how old I am. Flying home yesterday took about twelve hours, and I arrived home last night around midnight to two ecstatically happy dogs, four seething cats, and a tortoise and bird too sleepy to care I was home.

So this morning I returned to my very warm office a bit jetlagged and missing my wife already. Only 23 days until I see her again!
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