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Wednesday, June 22, 2011
I was reading Al Gore's essay in the Rolling Stone and this line would have made me sit down if I hadn't already been sitting:
The average American, meanwhile, is watching television an astonishing five hours a day.

Seriously? Can this be right. I mean, what the heck are they watching. I knew I was out of touch, but do you know how many hours of TV I've watched this week? Zero. I'll freely admit that when BH is home we watch a movie or some Buffy episodes, but five hours??? If that's an average, does this mean that there are people out there watching TV 8 hours a day? Don't they have jobs?

BH and I were traveling last week, and while staying in hotels I skimmed through cable to realize, once again, that there's nothing on.

I am so confused.
Posted by Arbitrista @ 3:04 PM
  • Ah, the age of cable. Where, yes, the tube is on from morning to leave-for-work and again from return to bed time. Watching, however, may be the operative term. How much of it is simply having the beast turned on for background noise? Or wasting time, surfing channels looking for something entertaining? Because cable seems to offer thousands of hours of nothing.

    By Blogger Belle, at 6:15 PM  
  • I think the weekends are skewing the curve, but yeah...

    If you think about it, a lot of people watch the early morning shows when getting ready for work. Then the evening news, local followed by network. A couple of hours of prime time and a late night talk show will take you pretty close to 5 hours a day.

    I often go months without watching tv, but I can't really say that most of the stuff I'm doing on my computer or the murder mysteries I'm reading are necessarily better than some of the programming.

    True, there is a lot of crap, and it does seem like there's hardly ever anything worth watching. But there is actually a lot of good stuff that can be accessed, with Tivo and the like, on demand.

    The news is depressing, though. I get the gist of the most important stuff online, and that's about all I can handle.

    By Blogger Rebecca, at 6:22 PM  
  • I guess I can see that about watching the news - to be fair I do spend quite a bit of time on the internet looking at news, so it's not like I'm hiding in a hole. What I don't get is the leaving the TV on without watching it. That always seemed strange to me.

    By Blogger Arbitrista, at 9:24 AM  
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